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Thursday, Nov 3rd 2016

9.00-10.00 - Prologue

Start in public space/Jakominiplatz (video wall that shows the contributions of participating artists); tram ride to Volksgartenpavillon

10.00-12.30 - Focus Intervention

Language: German (English translation provided)

Presentation of all positions (15 video clips) via live stream, the way they they are shown on info screens on board of buses and trams and at Jakominiplatz. Discussion with participating artists and Human Rights experts.

Moderated by: Astrid Kury, president Akademie Graz

12.30-14.00 - Lunch break

Goddies from Erde

14.00-18.00 - Focus Southeast Europe

Language: English

Field of interaction and research on/in human rights: starting from the societal and political situation in the region of former Yugoslavia we address discrimination and persecution of ethnic minorities in Europe, violations of Human Rights in the Balkan Wars and how they are reprocessed, the current situation on the “Balkan Route”, the disappearance of public space and rights of humans in precarious living and working conditions.

With Tanja Ostojić (Berlin/Beograd), Srđjan Hercigonja (Beograd) and Cirkulacija2 (Ljubljana).

Moderated by: Milica Tomić, artist and artistic director of the institute for contemporary art at Graz University of Technology

18:00++ - Queerograd

We recommend visiting Queerograd, Lagergasse 98a!

Friday, Nov 4th 2016

10.00-12.30 - Focus northern cyprus/turkey

Language: English

Presentation and screening of projects regarding Human Rights in general with a focus on the situation in Northern Cyprus and the island of Cyprus. Furthermore we will talk about Human Rights violations in Turkey (especially in the Southeast, the border to Syria and Iraq).

With Hanife Aliefendioğlu, Yetin Arslan and Mahmut Ersin Altan (Famagusta).

Moderated by: Maximilian Lakitsch, institute for law fundamentals at University of Graz

12.30-14.00 - lunch break

Goddies from Erde

14.00-16.00 - Human Rights Walk

Language: German

We will discover the “Human Rights City” Graz on foot following a path of selected stations that refer to Human Rights historically and/or currently.

With Barbara Schmiedl/ETC

16.00-18.00 - Focus Graz

Language: Deutsch

Discussion: “Human Rights City” Graz?

Participants: Martina Kaufmann (proxy for Siegfried Nagl), Astrid Polz-Watzenig and Claudia Unger from Graz’ Human Rights Council and participating artists from Graz

Moderated by: Barbara Schmiedl/ETC

18:00++ - Queerograd

We recommend visiting Queerograd, Lagergasse 98a!